Travel Checklist

When leaving your pets in the care of a pet sitter, you want to be able to travel with peace of mind knowing your pet will receive the proper care and attention.

Print and check off the items on the list below:

____Notify your vet to authorize emergency medical care in your absence

____Make sure your pet(s) are up-to-date on shots

____Put all supplies in one visible area if possible (food, treats, leash, cleaning supplies, litter)

____Update profile with all details for pet/plant/house care

____Leave written instructions for meds (and make sure you update your profile online)

____Tell sitter about odd habits, destructiveness, and hiding places (please add to online profile)

____Adjust thermostat while considering your pet’s comfort

____Make sure your sitter is aware of anyone that will be on your property or in your home

____Please leave the outside light on for your pet sitter (if they will be coming by after dark)

____Leave a spare key with a neighbor or friend in the event of extreme weather or emergency and please update your profile with this person’s emergency contract information.

____Advise gate security that a pet sitter will be visiting, to please authorize entry.

____Make sure you have 2 keys in your lockbox and that your lockbox is put outside in the location that matches the instruction in your profile. (1 key is ok if you are using a garage door code as the second method of entry. Make sure your garage code is in your profile!)

____Make sure the interior door from the garage to your home is UNLOCKED if you are using the garage as a form of entry.

____Be sure all exterior storm doors or screen doors are UNLOCKED for the entry points we will be using.

____Please make sure your payment method is updated in your online account. Without advance payment, pet service cannot start.


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