Management Team

Carolyn Albert

Office Manager

She joined Happy Paws in 2014 as a pet care professional working part time. In 2015 her role expanded to include some part-time office work. Her responsibilities have dramatically increased and now she is in charge of all communications, office duties, and day-to-day business administration.

Angela Kearney

Part owner, Founder, and Director

She originally founded Happy Paws in 1999 and worked tirelessly to grow the company and provide the best loving care that she could. Happy Paws is now the premier pet sitting company in Frederick County with over 40 pet care providers and nearly 1,000 clients. Angela has taken more of a passive role recently but she still handles most new client meetings, helps with interviewing and hiring, and still works with many of her own clients.

Joel Albert

Part owner and President/CEO

He joined Happy Paws in 2015 and worked part time with Angela on some key marketing and growth initiatives. In 2017, as Angela’s personal and professional goals expanded, he accepted the position of President/CEO.

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